Jax (shadowsync) wrote in thequickstop,

I have seen the PASSION!

...Of the Clerks that is. Very very awesome movie and shame on those of you who have not gone yet.

I was just looking on the IMDB for the movie and while looking through the filmographies of the cast I found out that Emma, Dante's fiance played Missy in "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back". Um...ok I thought she looked familar but I never would have connected it to her being Missy. Now what I want to know did anyone else notice this?

Also near the beginning when the two teens come up to Jay & SB one is William from Mallrats [as well as some other Kevin Smith rolls] and the second guy played one of the teens in "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back". In fact it was the same roll in both for the other guy. I knew he was familar too.

The actor who played the sexy studd also provided the uncredited voice for the C.L.I.T. in "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back".

The phrase "inter-species erotica" is now forever going to come up in my mind when I think of Donkey's and I shall have to keep myself from using the phrase "Porch Monkey", even though it may indeed help Randle in taking it back.

Oh and lastly who else had the entire theater just about die at the end of Jay's "tribute" to Silence of the Lambs? Aside from that image being burned into my brain I also have the memory of a packed theater actually getting one great movie all at the same time...a rarity nowdays.
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