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.....Newbie here....yep another one

Well...what can I really say? I'm Jessica, I love anything Viewaskew, and am called Ozzy by my family & Friends. I've seen every Viewaskew film except Vugar, Clerks the Cartoon, and an Evening with Kevin Smith...damn Video store.

 I'm going to start working at the local general store in june and I'm dying to see the Secret Stash. I love Brodie, Silent Bob, and Randal. I had a Dream I was in Renee's place during that sex sceen in the elivator a couple of times.....twice a week if I'm lucky :) and I actually nick named my pets somthing viewaskew related: Annoying Customer, Loki, Salsa Sharky, and Steeve-Dave. I'm just a really big fan of Kevin Smith.

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Dude, you are *way* too cool.
thank you, thanky very much.
what up. you seem pretty cool. you're like my friend notatracer in that you both have mad lusty feelings about The Lee (i'm more of a Jay Mewes person myself but Lee's awesome too). it's cool you named your pets after VA stuff...i used to call my friends Katie and Michelle Walt and Steve Dave because they're a lot like them. i have kind of an annoying friend whom i call Affleck. and my friend Diane sort of reminds me of Brodie. but no one ever knows what i'm talking about so most of the time i just keep it to myself. :D i'm gonna add u to my friends list unless you object.
I'm like your friend? Ha I'm flattered....usually people think I'm like a psychopath obsessed with VA movies and an actor nobody in my town knows about. Yeah The Lee is my newest lust....Mewes is pretty hot, it was ruined after I saw a recent photo of him without the hair I loved :(

You have an annoying friend too? I call mine Bartleby (sp?)....she loves to watch people at the mall...disturbing really. I am refered to as Ozzy, Jack Osbourne, and sometimes Brodie at my school...some kids know who Kevin Smith is, Others ask if he's the dude who directed LotR because of the small resemblence. :) Sure you can add me! I dont mind...need more normal friends as it is.....