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yup another "i'm new" entry.......

hey, i'm new here so let me like introduce myself. I'm kyle~ann and i'm 17 years old, and i freaking love anything kevin smith has done, hes a fucking genius. but my favorite thing hes done has to be clerks and the clerks cartoon, i watch them both way to much. i fall asleep everynight watching the clerks cartoon and yestuday i actually had a dream about dante and randal (i kiss dante in my dream!!!). well thats about it from me................

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Wait, did you kiss Cartoon Dante or B&W Dante?

Cause either way, I'm jealous.
dude i kissed real dante, it was awsome, i love his voice and like he was saying stuff to me and i felt his go-tee it was freaking amazing........<333
*Hopes and hopes for a making-out-with-Randal dream tonight*
haha, i hope for a dream like that every night, in the dream i had i was hoping i would kiss randal but dante is just as good :-)...........<333